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Hello there ! First of all, thank you for visiting SNOOPY M.

This is Moumita De Sarkar. I am a Parenting and Lifestyle content writer and is living in Singapore at present.

A guest post contribution depicting my experience of a certain medical condition during pregnancy was my first stint with content writing on Parenting. That’s where I realised my potential to explore this writing genre. Before that, I used to blog about books, writing and published short stories (in English and Bengali)on my WordPress website and Facebook page respectively.

My next guest post contribution CONFESSION: I TOO WISHED FOR A BOY! went on to receive more than 1.2k views on the FirstCry Parenting website.

Soon after, my another guest post contribution MOTHERHOOD : 9 ‘WEIRD’ THEORIES THAT I RECEIVED AFTER MY NEWBORN ARRIVED got featured as one of the top 5 blogs of 2020 on FirstCry Parenting.

This pushed me to question myself why the articles got so much appreciation from the readers. After a little bit of brainstorming, I got the answer. The storytelling that came from precious personal experiences. That’s exactly what appeals to the masses and this is where my forte lies.

A good product/website/blog/article/magazine/book becomes popular and sellable when it depicts a story that consumers/readers can relate. And I can give words to that story.

You can read my posts on the Blog and also look at My Portfolio. If you are looking for someone who can create content for your website/product keeping a story as the foundation brick and make it more appealing to the masses, then feel free to :

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